As Ramada, we manufactures and wholesales of premium shade fabric for commercial and residential use.

“Ramada” means an open shelter roofed with brush or branches for a comfortable shady resting place. The Ramada can be built simply with easy-to-find materials and owing to the four sides being open, air flow is unlimited. This creates a distinct difference in the ambient temperature and creates a comfortable space for the people underneath.

Starting from the meaning of our brand name, Ramada Shade Fabrics are architechtural fabric that protect people and outdoor living environments from the harmful efects of sun and UV rays. The main area of utilization for our products with the support of architectural designs is playgrounds, swimming pools, backyard patios, and other outdoor living spaces.

The Brand name of Ramada are recognised with its premium quality in the manufacture, research and development of advanced HDPE fabrics. The company’s knitted and woven multi-purpose shade fabrics which  are currently marketed all over the world are produced from its modern manufacturing facilities.

It offers not only protect from the sun but creative architectural designs for anywhere from a pool to a rooftop. Thereby, Our shade fabrics have seted the new bechmark in architectural applications.