What Makes Our Fabrics the Best ?

  • Install & Forget

    The only shade fabric that will retain its permanent shape and desing after installation. Ramada shade fabrics have been developed with its own special knitting technique.

  • Positive Range

    The only shade fabric available in 300 cm (+10 cm) width as rolls.It is unique in the World with a POSITIVE RANGE of +10 cm in width.


  • Warranty Against UV Degradation

    Ramada shade fabrics which are produced from UV-stabilised HDPE offer the ultimate combination of maximum sun and UV protection, durability and strength with maintenance-free long-life performance. UV block range is more than 95%.

  • Innovative Architectural Applications

    Our shade fabrics have seted the new bechmark in architectural applications. It offers not only protect from the sun but creative architectural designs for anywhere from a pool to a rooftop.

  • Exceptional Strength

    Ideal for tension structures, shade sails and more, this range of fabrics is versatile, reliable and the highest quality. Ramada shade fabrics offer superior durability and performance especially under high tension conditions.

  • No Color Distortion

    There is the same color and tone warranty in all rolls and in the same roll. The same color and tone will be presented in all rolls whenever you order, today or after many years.